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This web server is dedicated to providing high-quality information and resource discovery tools to the Internet homebrewing community. The server is hosted by The Homebrew Digest and sponsored by the fine folks noted above!

All of the work done on this server is done by homebrewers on the net on a strictly volunteer basis. This server is created and maintained by homebrewers for homebrewers. This system is completely independent of, and owes no allegiance or duty to, any established organization or commercial entity, including the AHA, HWBTA, BJCP, or any companies by which we are sponsored, or to which we may link, mirror, or provide other services. The views expressed in documents on this system reflect the opinions of their authors alone, and no editorial control is imposed on the authors by any organization.

Copyright 1994 through the present. All rights reserved.

All material provided on this server is copyrighted by the original authors with collections.

Additional copyright information or proprietary notices may be found on particular documents. Nothing contained herein shall be construed as conferring any license or other right without the express written permission of the authors.

Information provided on this server is provided as is, without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. This means NO warranties or guarantees, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement. If your state or local laws do not permit the limitation of warranties, then you are not authorized to use this system and must log out immediately.

The information provided on this server is intended to be used by responsible adults of legal drinking age to further the knowledgable enjoyment and craft of fine beers and other fermented beverages.

Additional information about this server can be obtained by sending e-mail to: brewery@hbd.org


The information on this server is available due to the work of many people:
    The original system administrator was Karl Lutzen. Karl "retired" in 2003, leaving The Brewery inthe care of Pat Babcock.

    The original web architect wass Mark Stevens; however, Mark hasn't been involved since before the time at which the HBD started hosting The Brewery. Currtently, Pat Babcock is maintaining the web pages.

Particular thanks are due to those who have provided content and assistance over the years: David Brockington, Toast Conger, Kirk Fleming, Keith Hooker, Gaetano Liberatore, Karl Lutzen, Alan Marshall, Scott Murphy, Shawn Steele, Mark Stevens, Mark Riley, and the many net brewers who were kind enough to provide information, feedback, and comments.


Some people like putting award badges all over their web pages. This annoys us because they take time to download. The Brewery has earned kudos from most of the site evaluation services on the web. We don't ever ask to be evaluated, but if they find us, then so be it. If you want to know how we did, we do have a page listing some of the site implementation awards won by the Brewery for the past two years.
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