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The Brewery's Clip Art Collection

This is a collection of scanned clip art from various sources. Most of the older line art is from pre-1920 publications, and should therefore be copyright free. We will also put up newer scanned sketches and charcoal pencil drawings of homebrewing and microbrewing topics when we get some time.

Use these pictures in your club newsletters, your web pages, or whereever they fit.

You may also be interested in some of the Borderline cartoon links that are available on the Literature page.

The images here are provided in TIFF format. This format is fairly generic and should be supported by most of the major page layout software packages. Image format conversion programs are also available through the net. Information about data formats is available.

Old Line Art

Sketches and Drawings

Coming soon...

George Tempel's Beer Clip Art Collection

George Tempel has done a good job of collecting a wide range of clip art on various brewing related topics. He's also got some label parts that can be used as a basis to build your own labels. The files are available as binhexed PICT files for Macintosh systems and as zipped GIF files for PCs. There are three sets of files. Descriptions of the contents of each set are provided in the README files.

Labels and Logos

We don't have label scans at the Brewery, but there is a large collection in the FTP archives at

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