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Updated on 07-13-2010 (even I thought I was dead or something...)

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Links to Indexes

Links to Brewing Sites

Links to Homebrewers Personal Pages

Links to Yeast Related Sites

Reference and more Links

Links to Appreciation Sites

Links to Enthusiast Pages

Links to Beer Publications

Miscellaneous Web Sites

Links to FTP or Gopher Sites

  • Homebrew Digest archives at RIP
  • JudgeNet archives at Spencers Beer Page RIP
  • Mead archives at RIP
  • Cider archives at RIP
  • New England Beer Club archives at RIP

Usenet News

Note: Your browser must recognise the html news: tag for this links to function.

  • rec.crafts.brewing: Discussion of homebrewing & brewing related topics
    • Frequently Asked Questions in rec.crafts.brewing RIP

  • Discussion of quality beers, evaluation, breweries, etc.
    • Charter for RIP
    • Frequently Asked Questions in RIP

  • General discussions on anything beer related, from swill to grand cru
    • Frequently Asked Questions in RIP

  • rec.crafts.winemaking: Discussions on making wine (sometimes includes mead or cider topics)
    • Frequently Asked Questions in rec.crafts.winemaking RIP
    • Wine the Beverage: Frequently Asked Questions, by Bradford Brown and Dri Brown RIP

Finding Information on the Web

Looking for net resources on topics other than beer? Here are some ideas for discovering sites and resources on the Internet (there are several others, but most are poorly maintained---these are fairly robust).

Menu and List-Based Approaches:

  • WWW Virtual Library  RIP (Look under "Beer & Brewing").
    06/14/2004 Note that this does not seem to function "as advertised" any more. It connects to some kind of directory, but I haven't played around within it to see if there's any brewing value remaining...
  • Yahoo (Look under "Entertainment" for beer, food, and wine-related sites.)

Search Engine Approaches:

NOTE: RIP  indicates a resource which appears to have left this life.

Are We Missing a Great Net Resource?

Help us better serve the homebrewing community by telling us about new services on the web. Please do NOT tell us about purely commercial sites or personal beer pages (unless they offer a LOT of good, unique information sources). Please send us mail.
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