The Cats Meow 3

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Cats Meow 3

This is the final form for The Cat's Meow. The amount of time it takes to obtain the recipes, reformat them, and then maintain the collection has become too great. We have a new collection The Gambrinus' Mug. Readers may post recipes which become instantly available for everyone. Try it!

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Last update: November 27, 1996
Number of available recipes: 1,009


[Pale Ale] -- Pale Ales

[Lager] -- Lagers

[Wheat] -- Wheat Beers

[Steam/Smoke] -- Steam, Smoked, and Sour Beers

[Stout] -- Stouts and Porters

[Barleywine] -- Barleywine and Dopplebock

[Spice] -- Herb and Spiced Beers

[Fruit] -- Fruit Beers

[SpecAles] -- Belgian, German, Brown, Old, and Scottish Ales

[Mead] -- Mead

[Cider] -- Cider

[Other] -- Other Beverages

[History] -- Historical Interest

[Index] -- Index

Copyright 1994 by Mark Stevens and Karl Lutzen. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication or distribution of this collection without the express written permission of the editors is prohibited.
Printing out Cats Meow

The downloadable version is in Adobe Acrobat format and prints about 3-4 recipes per page, requiring about 310 pages. Questions or problems with this version should be reported to Mark Stevens, .

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