Cats Meow 3

Downloadable version

The downloadable Cats Meow 3 offers several advantages over the online version: it can be stored and accessed on your home computer, it can be easily printed in an attractive, readable format, and it is well-indexed, including an index of brewers and a keyword index. The ordering of recipes is identical to the online version.

To use this version, you will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader. The software is available for most common platforms including Macintosh, Unix, and PCs (both Windows 95 and Windows 3.1).

As always, questions about Cats Meow can be directed to either Mark Stevens ( or Karl Lutzen (

Help Us Out...

Cats Meow is totally free to the brewing community, but it costs us money and time to produce and maintain. When you are browsing in the book store or your local homebrew shop, you can help us out by buying or at least asking for our books. Homebrew Favorites is a collection of 240 tried and true recipes from non-Internet sources. More Homebrew Favorites builds on that platform with another 260 tried and true recipes, plus lots of information about styles and tips for brewing winning beers. Brew Ware is a comprehensive look at homebrewing equipment and gadgets with cost-saving tips and techniques to make everything from cool fermentation rooms to wort chillers. All of these books are available at most bookstores, better homebrew supply shops, and by mail order from Storey Publishing at 1-800-441-5700.

File Links

Postscript versions are now available through the generousity of Chris Yate. There is a US letter size version as well as an European A4 version! (These are each contain the complete CM3 and are SIZEABLE files!)

Mark Stevens, 5/27/97