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Bob's Sandia Pale Ale

Classification: pale ale, extract

Source: Robert Christner (, 4/13/95

This is a recipe that appeals to just about everyone who has tried it.

This brew has a fine gold color with a thick creamy white head. This yeast will produce a fine smooth flavor which combines well with the hops to make a brew you make again and again this recipe is great for trying out different hop strategies.



Start wyeast in usual fashion (at least 24 hrs prior). Steep grains at 158F for 15min in 1 gallon water, sparge with 1 gallon ~170F. Start boil with this original 2 gallons add DME, malto dextrine, and northern brewers pellets, boil 45 min, add 1/2 oz cascade, boil 10 more minutes then add another 1/2 oz cascade and turn off heat. Let sit 5 minutes, cool and add to ~3.5 gallons for a total volume 5 - 5.5 gallons. Pitch yeast (should be ~ 1 liter of starter).

Note this yeast (wyeast 1968) activity is low and very little carbon dioxide is given off. This yeast is very flocculant and it will leave bottled beer flat, so just add a small amount of any other yeast with the dextrose at bottling to get good carbonation, however it produces a very smooth character to the brew that makes it worth using.

Primary fermentation is complete in 4 days. Rack to secondary and add 1/2 cascade (dry hop). Bottle after ~ 7 days in secondary using 2/3 cup dextrose, and being careful to add additional yeast a 1/4 tsp of any dry yeast is plenty.