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Richard's Red

Classification: pale ale, red beer, extract, Holy Cow

Source: R.E. Hawkins (, r.c.b., 4/25/95

This beer is modeled on beer from the Holy Cow! brewery.

Sidenote: about 4oz of roast barley & maybe half a pound of dark (120) crystal will be enough to give you nice red.



Toast the 2-row grain for 10 minues in an oven preheated at 350 before crushing.

Crush all the grain.

Put the 4 lbs of grain in a grain bag in 4 gal water. If you must use multiple bages, make sure each bag has it's proportion of munich malt; this is where the enzymes are.

Heat the water to 160 and maintain for an hour and a half. Every 10 minutes or so wring out the grain bag, & stir it around. This may be cut to as short as one-half hour if you use an iodine test and it confirms conversion.

WRinge out the grain and put it into a collender (sp?), sieve, or strainer over the water. Slowly pour another gallon (or whatever it takes to get to 5 gallons, depending upon how much you boil off, have already boilded, etc.) of 170 degree water through it to wash off remainng sugars.

Raise to boil, add hops and extract as usual.

Steam the oak chips to sterilie them--i put a bit of water into a pan, and hold them above in a strainer with a lid over it for about 10 minutes.

Toss the hops in the fermenter along with the wort,& add the oak as well (i suggest leaving them all in cheesecloth bags). transfer the oak chips to your secondary as well. If you use a keg, toss them in.