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Et Tu Brute?

Classification: pale ale, Saranac, extract, bitter

Source: Michael S Ferdinando (, r.c.b., 4/25/95

I wasn't trying to copy it, but my recent "Et Tu Brute? Bitter" reminded me of Saranac Pale Ale. It's an all-extract recipe.

It was drinkable in a week, not bad in two, and pretty darn good now (five weeks in the bottle).



I did the usual procedure of bringing 2-gal of water to a high-but-not-boiling temperature (I have no thermometer), and steeped the crushed crystal malt for 30 min, then strained out. I then upped the heat to a boil, added the DME and stirred to dissolve. Then, I added the boiling hops. Boiled 1 hour uncovered. I added the flavor hops, boiled 10 min, covered, then added aroma hops, boiled 2 min, removed from heat. I skimmed out the hops, ran the hot wort through my chiller into my primary, and diluted to 5 gal. Then, I pitched the hydrated Edme yeast.

I racked to a secondary after seven days, and gave it a 2-week secondary fermentation. I primed with 3/4 cup of M&F light DME and bottled.