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Pete's Wicked Red Clone

Classification: pale ale, red ale, Pete's Wicked Red clone, extract

Source: Phil Russo (, HBD Issue #1723, 5/5/95

I tried reproducing Pete's Wicked Red according to the label.

Even the Michelob Light drinkers in my house liked it. This was surprising because it came out way darker than the red beer I was trying to recreate.



I steeped the grains til the boil and then removed. I added the cans of malt extract and boiled for about 60 min...adding the hops as shown above. I forget the OG and FG (I know the people on here love those figures) but it came out a little over 5% alcohol. After it was done fermenting I put it in the beer ball and primed with a little over a half a cup of corn sugar. I threw out the first cup full of yeasty beer but the rest was awesome.