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Sister Star of the Sun (1993)

Classification: pale ale, IPA, all-grain

Source: David Brockington (, submitted 06/22/95

This beer won Best of Show at the 1993 CAMRA/Victoria homebrew competition. Of all the beers in my repertoire, the IPA is the one I have brewed the most, and make certain that I always have some around. I like an IPA to have an assertive hop profile, and this beer certainly fits that bill. You will find, however, that it also has a nice balancing maltiness.

Ingredients for Five Gallons:


Mash in a single infusion at 155F for 60 minutes. The hops were, and always are, whole flower. Fermented in a controlled environment at 65F for two weeks. This batch did not use a starter for the yeast, although I highly recommend using a one-pint starter for ales. My system is somewhat inefficient, so your extraction may be higher than my reported gravities. As I generally realize 26 points/pound, you should adjust the grain bill accordingly.

This batch of beer resulted in some very nice comments from judges. Several likened it to Anchor Liberty; in fact two judges at the 1993 Dixie Cup initially believed it to be a ringer for Liberty. In 1994 I incorporated several suggestions from better judging sheets, resulting in Sister Star of the Sun, which has remained unchanged since.


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