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Fullers ESB Clone

Classification: pale ale, Fullers ESB, extra special bitter, extract

Source: Christopher R. Vyhnal (Christopher.R.Vyhnal@Dartmouth.EDU), HBD Issue 1766, June 27, 1995

Here's the Fuller's recipe I've been working on for awhile--I haven't yet bottled this particular batch, but it tasted great at racking.

You want an O.G. of around 1.052 - 1.054 (this recipe gave me 1.053). Bittering hops in Fuller's, from what I've read, are not Bullion but Challenger, Target, and/or Northdown (which can be tough to find). Any high AAU, British hop should get you pretty close as long as you finish with Goldings.

The flaked maize is a must and needs to be 8-10% of your total grain bill. I used the dark Belgian candi sugar to try and get a little closer to the right amber/orange color (my first try came out too light).

If you don't want to mash any grains, I'd suggest using another can of M&F, and a pound of corn sugar instead of the grains. You could darken the beer a little by carmelizing some of the extract (leave your kettle on the burner when you add the extract).



1 step infusion, mini-mash @ 154 deg. F for 70 minutes, or until conversion. Mashout @ 170 deg. F for 20 minutes. Sparge w/3 gallons water @ 150 deg. F to collect 4.25 gallons.