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Rick's Wicked Summer Ale

Classification: pale ale, all-grain, Pete's Wicked Summer Brew, lemon

Source: Rick Gontarek (GONTAREK@FCRFV1.NCIFCRF.GOV), HBD Issue #1744, May 30, 1995

Hi everyone! A few have asked for a clone of Pete's new Wicked Summer Ale. This is not a clone, but an attempt to create a quaffable, refreshing brew for summertime consumption. It is basically a low-hopped ale with wheat malt and some lemon added for flavor. IMHO, a fine brewski for enjoying along with some charcoal-grilled swordfish, grilled red peppers, grilled vidalia onions, and fresh Summer berries. Ah, but I digress...

This is a nice refreshing brew with a hint of lemon. Let me know if you brew and enjoy this one!



Step-mash: Add 2.25 gal of 54degC water to crushed grains and stabilize to 50-51degC for 30 min. Add 1.25 gallons of 93degC water to bring temp to 65degC; hold there for 90 min. Mash out, sparge, etc.

Bring wort to a boil and add Cascade hops. After 30 min, add 1/2 ounce tettnang hops, lemon peel, and lemon juice. Boil for another 30 min or so until volume is about 6 gallons. Chill wort, put into fermenter, let trub settle out for a few hours, transfer clear wort to a sanitized glass carboy, and pitch yeast.

OG= 1.052 (for a lighter beer, bring volume to six gallons)

When bottling, add 3/4 cup corn sugar and juice and zest from 2 lemons.