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Fullers London Pride

Classification: pale ale, Fullers London Pride, all-grain

Source: Rob Haiber (, in HBD Issue #1788, July 22, 1995

There is a book, Brew Your Own Real Ale at Home, that has scores of recipes using Challenger and other British hops. The book contains ACTUAL brewery recipes, and not gereric ones. The book retails for $14.99 (S&H included with pre-paid orders) and may be purchased from:
The Info Devel Press
Reilly Road
La Grangeville NY 12450

Roger Protz's description: "An astonishing complex beer for its gavity, fine for drinking on its own, or with well-flavoured food. A multi-layered delight of malt and hops, and a deep, intense finish, with hop and ripening fruit notes.

Note: for a partial mash recipe, replace the pale malt with 2,000gm of diastatic malt extract such as Edme DMS.



Mash pale, crystal, and flaked maize. Single infusion mash, 65 C, 90 minutes.

Boil 2 hours. Add invert sugar and target hops to boil, then follow schedule listed above.