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Celebration Ale Clone

Classification: pale ale, Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale, all-grain

Source: Jeff Frane (, r.c.b., October 13, 1995

There was an early issue of Amateur Brewer (post-Eckhardt, pre-American Brewer, I believe) that had a recipe for Celebration Ale provided by one of the SN brewers.

Here is a 10 gallon version, with a little fiddling. I'm pretty sure they harden the water with gypsum; I know I had to with Portland's soft water.

I've subsequently made versions I liked better, although they weren't as true to the original. I substituted some dextrine malt for some pale (about 2 pounds), and use British caramel malt rather than (yuk) American. Problem is, it's richer and darker that way.

You can't really over-hop this beer, and my experience was that the dry-hopped beer reached its peak after about 4 weeks in the keg. Problem was that the beer usually ran out at about that point. The SN brewer made a similar comment about aging it on the hops (4-6 weeks, I remember) before kegging/bottling.

Ingredients: (for 10 gallons)


Mash at 150 F. for 90 minutes.