Cats Meow 3
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Dr. Bruce's Skull and Crossbones Old Ale

Classification: pale ale, all-grain

Source: Bruce A Weisberg (, r.c.b., 10/20/95

Thick, hoppy with a sexy reddish-amber color. You'll love it!



Using light malt only, proceed with protien rest @ 122 degrees f for 30 minutes. Raise temp to 158 f, and add toasted, cara-pils and crystal malts. Mash until conversion is complete, raise temp to 180 and hold for 20 minutes. Sparge until 5-5.5 gallons is obtained. Use 2 oz. hops for boiling, 1 oz for flavoring 10 minutes before end of boil and another oz 2 mintues before for aroma. Primary fermentation is one week, secondary ferm. for another week. Bottle. You have to leave this stuff for a while to mellow it out a bit. Yield will be less than 5 gallons, don't worry as long as your OG is about 1.050 (of course a little higher is fine