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Groovy Time Pale Ale

Classification: pale ale, extract

Source: Philip Scoggins (, r.c.b., 2/21/96

After a week and a day in the bottle... it's GREAT! Think that the slow warming of the 2 gallons of water with the crystal malt might have produced some unfermentables resulting in my high final gravity, but it's a great beer so who cares!

Alright, that was my turn, let's get some recipe trading going. I'm looking for a Black Dog Pale Ale taste alike in case anyone has replicated that one in particular...



In 2 Gallons of Water I Added the cracked Crystal Malt, heated and removed at 170 deg. f (Approx 30 min) Added the hopped and unhopped extract along with 1 oz. of the Saaz and .333 Fuggles at beginning of boil (boiled for 75 min total) Added .5 oz. Saaz last 10 minutes Added .5 oz. Cascades then cut off the heat.

Had made a yeast starter of 4 Tbls of brewing sugar in 2 cups of water (boiled) then poured into sanitized grolsh bottle with an airlock on top, when it reached 90 deg. f I pitched (2) 5 gram packs of Doric dry ale yeast, it was bubbling like crazy when I pitched it about 45 minutes after pitching the yeast into the bottle.

I used Crystal Springs bottled spring water, nasty water in Smyrna Tennessee.

Primed with 3/4 cup brewing sugar.