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Liquid Sunshine

Classification: pale ale, bitter, all-grain

Source: Mike Hughes, (, HBD #1993, 3/25/96

Here's a real simple one that resembles an English Bitter This is what I brew most of the time, I call it "Liquid Sunshine".

Note: You may want to vary the amount and/or type of hops, depending on the bitterness you desire. I have recently started making this using the "Early Hop Addition" method discussed here in this very forum. The results have been more than spectacular. I have started using Columbus hops (A=15%!!!) and just throwing them into my boil kettle at the start of the sparge. The beer has NOT been overly bitter as would be expected, but you can definitely taste the hops (yum!). Also, I too use a converted keg system, and usually brew 15 gallon batches. One keg for mash tun, one keg for boil kettle. I use an 80 quart cooler fitted with a slotted copper manifold for my lauter tun. You may want to consider doing this, as I have been very happy with my system.

Ingredients: (for 10 gallons)


1) Add crushed grains to 4.5 Gallons of 140 deg. water for protein rest @122 deg. for .5 hr. 2) Raise to 152 deg. for mash (1 - 1.5 hrs) 3) Sparge with 170 deg. water to get 11 gallons. 4) Boil for 1 hr.(with molasses and hops) 5) Cool wort and pitch yeast.