Cats Meow 3
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Honey Bitter

Classification: bitter, honey ale, pale ale, extract

Source: Bruce Taber (BRUCE.TABER@NRC.CA), HBD #1980, 3/9/96

This is a real easy way to make an outstanding brew. I never thought to combine honey with a bitter until I tasted one that a buddy made. Where the idea came from I don't know. If you don't drink bitters, that's OK. The residual sweetness of the honey blends beautifully with the bitterness resulting in a rich, amber ale the goes down real easy. I've made ales with honey before and didn't like the aftertaste, but this one has none of that.



Half of supplied yeast nutrient in primary, other half goes in secondary. 15 min. boil. I have only used this particular bitter kit but if it isn't available to you then just try another brand and let me know what you think.