Cats Meow 3
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Red Ale

Classification: pale ale, red ale, extract

Source: John W. Braue, III (, HBD Issue #1936, 1/16/96

This is very lightly hopped; it was contrived to match my wife's tastes (she does not like bitter or hoppy beers). Fermentation time will be about one week; bottle aging time minimum of one month. I've got some left over from last August which I intend to check out this weekend.



Steep the speciality malts in 1 1/2 gal water, remove grains, add syrup to liquor, and boil 60 minutes with bittering hops Add flavor hops 10 min before end of boil, add aroma hops end of boil and steep for 5 min Add 3 1/2 gal cold water and pitch at suitable temperature.