Cats Meow 3
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English Special Bitter

Classification: pale ale, ESB, bitter, all-grain

Source: Dan Ritter (102446.3717@CompuServe.COM), HBD Issue #2023, 4/29/96

I recently brewed and kegged an English Special Bitter style ale using Wyeast 1968. The recipe looked like this.

As I poured my first glass this afternoon (drum roll), I carefully examined the color (clear and appropriately deep amber), the aroma (Goldings loud and clear - no diacetyl as I was expecting), and the taste (um...what's this?...something I've never tasted in my ales..I guess it's..ah.. FRUITY...yes VERY FRUITY!).

I've used Wyeast #1056 exclusively until this batch. I remember a warning from one of you to be ready for something really different when using #1968! The spec sheet for #1968 refers to the taste as MILDLY fruity and malty. The sensations as I drink this brew are: hops aroma, followed by immediate in-your-face fruitiness on the roof of the mouth, followed by hop bitterness at the back of the tongue. Hardly any malt flavors at all. I'd run this beer by a beer tasting expert if I knew one that lived within 100 miles of me!



No process problems other than a difficult sparge (culprit: the flaked wheat?)

Primary fermentation 7 days @ 68F