Cats Meow 3
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Potluck Ale

Classification: pale ale, partial mash

Source: Chris Strickland (, HBD Issue #1967, 2/23/96

A couple of weeks batch I started making a batch of beer without taking inventory first. Well, to make a long story short, the beer was pretty good. Kinda smooth, without the stronger tastes I prefer, but a crowd pleaser. Here's the recipe.



I ground up the klages and rice in my grainmill. Used Gypsum in my mash water. Mashed according to standard procedures. Boiled until hot break finished. 1hr Added the 1.5 lbs of LME (would have rather used grain, but this is potluck). Added 1oz Saaz (Why not, mild hop's taste). Put Irish Moss in hot tap water. 30 minutes Added 1oz Saaz 15 minutes Added Irish Moss Added Honey 5 minutes Added 1 oz Saaz Let cool in sink (with hops in wort) for about 45 minutes ~90F Poured in carboy with 2nd generation American Ale yeast. Fermented two weeks, Racked, in new carboy Let sit two weeks, then bottled with standard 3/4's cup corn sugar (boiled in water).