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Vail Pale Ale

Classification: pale ale, India pale ale, all-grain

Source: Wayne Waananen (, HBD Issue #1863, 10/21/95

I would like to share with everyone my IPA recipe that won two gold medals at GABF in '92 & '94 when I worked for the Hubcap Brewey in Vail, CO. The same recipe won the gold this year from the Hubcap in Dallas, TX.

[Wayne is now with the SandLot Brewery, Coors Field, Denver.]

Ingredients: (for 5 gallons)


Mash at 68 C. for 90 minutes. Boil 90 minutes. Force cool and ferment with your favorite ale yeast (1056 works well). Rack into secondary, add finings and 1.2 oz. for Cascade whole hops. Let sit in secondary for three weeks, rack into serving vessel and force carbonate. ENJOY. Your equipment may give you different results but what you want to shoot for is O.G. 1.055 F.G. 1.016 IBU 62.