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Bass American Style

Classification: pale ale, Bass, all-grain

Source: Nicholas Dahl (, r.c.b., 11/8/96

Here's one that's not too can modify it to make it more authentic, I'm sure.

Ingredients: (5-1/2 gallons)


Mash in 2.25 gallons of 176F water. Temperature should stabilize at 153F. Hold temperature for two hours. Add 1.25 gallons boiling water for mashout.

Sparge with enough water to get 7 gallons of runnings. After boil is controlled (read: stops boiling over) begin 60 minute boil.

Like the earlier post said, Wyeast #1028 is best, but I've used #1098 with no problems, either. If you want it hoppier, dry hop in the secondary.