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Carp Ale

Classification: pale ale, extract, Bass Ale

Source: Gary Mason ( Issue #529, 11/2/90

This is based on Russ Schehrer's Carp Ale from the 1986 Zymurgy special issue. The beer has a light hops flavor and could use some work on the mouth feel. It is also a bit cloudy.



Break seal of yeast ahead of time and prepare a starter solution about 10 hours before brewing.

Bring 2 gallons water to boil with crushed crystal malt. Remove crystal when boil starts. Fill to 6 gallons and add DME. After boiling 10 minutes, add Fuggles. At 55 minutes, add a pinch of Irish moss. At 58 minutes, add Kent Goldings. Cool (I used an immersion chiller) to about 80 degrees. Pitch yeast and ferment for about a week. Rack to secondary for 5 days. Keg.