Cats Meow 3
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Brewhaus I.P.A.

Classification: pale ale, all-grain, India pale ale, I.P.A.

Source: Ron Downer, Brewhaus

This beer is best when consumed young. It will acquire a drier character as it ages.



Toasted Malt: Spread 2-row Klages on cookie sheet and toast at 350 degrees until reddish brown in color. Mash grain in 12 quarts mash water (treated with gypsum and lactic acid) at 154 degrees until conversion is complete. Sparge with 170 degree water to collect 6 gallons. Bring wort to boil and boil for 15 minutes before adding hops. Add 1/2 of boiling hops. Boil for 30 minutes and add remaining boiling hops. Boil for another 45 minutes and add Irish moss. Boil for a final 30 minutes. Total boiling time is 2 hours. Cut heat, add aromatic hops, and let rest for 15 minutes, or until trub has settled. Force cool wort to yeast pitching temperature. Transfer to primary fermenter and pitch yeast. Add dry hops at end of primary fermentation. Transfer to clean, sterile carboy when fermentation is complete. Boil oak chips for one minute to sterilize and add chips and gelatin to carboy. Age until desired oak flavor is achieved. Allow bottled beer to age two weeks before consuming.