Cats Meow 3
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Goldenflower Ale

Classification: pale ale, extract, honey

Source: Peter Glen Berger ( Issue #855, 4/2/92

This may be the best beer I've ever brewed. It is without question the lightest.

This is an extremely estery beer...heavy on the pear and raspberry. If you want to understand the difference between ale and lager, brew this one. It is the epitome of "fruity." The slight hop aroma and very mild bitterness, tied with the lightness of the beer, really allow the esters to shine through; I suspect the honey aided them strongly.

This is the easiest drinking beer I've ever made. Low alcohol, too. Make it make it make it make it make it.



Boil water, malt, honey, and galena hops. Cool, transfer to fermenter (preferably with blow-off tube) and add started yeast. After krausen subsides, rack to carboy with Fuggles in it, ferment until hydrometer readings stabilize, about 5 days, probably. Bottle. Drink young.

Primary fermentation should be around 68-71 degrees fahrenheit. Secondary should be closer to 61-63.