Cats Meow 3
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Classification: pale ale, all-grain, India pale ale, I.P.A.

Source: Larry Barello (polstra! Issue #920, 7/7/92

This is based on an IPA recipe from Darryl Richman. Since it is such a fine beer I thought I would share my latest effort with the HBD. The latest was modified a tad due to material shortages---the changes shouldn't affect the results too much.

The original recipe used 1 ounce each of Willamette and Kent Goldings instead of the Chinook, and used Cascade instead of the Willamette in the second addition. Also, it used 12 ounces of 16L and 4 ounces of 70L crystal instead of the 36L stuff, above. The changes should yield the same color and bitterness. The aroma and body will be a bit different, but with all that dry hopping I doubt many will be able to tell the difference. With the above hopping levels this beer is not as bitter as, say, Grant's IPA---but then I don't like overly hopped beers (shields up)---yet it is bitter enough to make it an IPA and not just a random pale ale.



Mash in with 8 quarts at 170F. for a target of 153-155. Conversion done in 30 minutes. Mash out at 168. Sparge with remaining supply liqour to collect 6--1/4 gallons. 90 minute boil. Chill and pitch yeast. Ferment at about 68F.

Rack to secondary after fermention dies down and dry hop with Cascade pellets and Kent Goldings. Let sit until fermentation completely done (e.g., pellet crud sinks)---about a week or two.

Prime and bottle or keg in the usual manner.