Cats Meow 3
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Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Classification: pale ale, all-grain, Sierra Nevada

Source: Tony Babinec ( Issue #926, 7/18/92

The crystal malt is fairly dark for some color, the cara-pils is there for added body and sweetness. But, don't overdo it with the specialty grains. The relatively high starch conversion temperature will promote body and sweetness. Perles are the signature bittering hop, while Cascades are for flavor and aroma. If I remember, SNPA comes in at about 32-35 IBUs, and the above hop schedule should get you in the ballpark. I don't believe Chico dry-hops SNPA, but go ahead if you so desire.



Mash at starch conversion temperature of 153/5 degrees F. Hop according to schedule above. This recipe assumes 75% extract efficiency. Chill and pitch.