Cats Meow 3
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Winters Tavern Pale

Classification: pale ale, extract, cream ale

Source: Greg Winters ( r.c.b., 6/25/92



Let the initial primary fermentation go for a couple of days, I usually dump the wort into a plastic bucket filled with cold water and get just about the right temp as well as a great cold break. I let this sit for about an hour and rack to a 5 gallon carboy (to get rid of all the trub) and then pitch my starter and relax...

After primary rack (without splashing!) to a secondary and add dry-hops. You can either use a hop bag or just throw them in. I have not had any trouble siphoning off for bottling with that little orange plug they give you with the racking tube. Let this go 1-2 weeks at about 65-68 degrees. Bottle.

It should be drinkable after a week or two, but if you can hold out for 4-6 you will have a magnificent brew...

Use a yeast starter for best results!