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Pete's Wicked Clone

Classification: pale ale, Pete's Wicked Ale, extract

Source: Mike Lemons (, HBD Issue #1236, 9/29/93

Tasting Notes: In a side-by-side comparison with Pete's Wicked Ale, the two beers were nearly identical. The homebrew was preferred because the roasted-coffee-like flavor component was slightly stronger and much more persistent in the homebrew. This was probably due to the freshness of the homebrew. (Who knows how long the Pete's Wicked Ale has been sitting on a shelf!)



Prepare the chocolate malt in a separate boiling pot containing at least a gallon of water. Add the chocolate malt to cold water. Raise the temperature to 170 F. Pour the hot liquid through a strainer into the main brew pot to remove spent grains.

Hops added : "Cascade" State: "Whole 1992 4.6%" Amount: 0.95oz Boiled for: 70 Hops added : "Cascade" State: "Whole 1992 4.6%" Amount: 0.30oz Boiled for: 10

You probably could substitute a simple pale ale extract with some crystal malt for the William's nut brown extract.