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Red Hook ESB

Classification: pale ale, bitter, E.S.B., Red Hook, extract

Source: Al Vaughn (, r.c.b., 8/8/94

I have been making a Red Ale that's close to Red Hook (maybe not but it tastes good to me) that I got from the local supply shop. It is an extract based recipe.

The last batch turned out great and even my wife likes it! (I must have done something wrong!)



I have also modifed this as of late to increase the 'redness' in the ale by increasing the roasted barley and crystal malt to 6 oz and 10 oz respectively, while keeping the chocolate the same. I did the usual batch by adding the specialty grains in a grain bag until 170F and then adding half the bittering hops at 60 minutes and the other half at 30 minutes with the finishing at the end with a simmer/steep for 10 minutes without heat and covered.