Cats Meow 3
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First All-Grain

Classification: pale ale, all-grain

Source: Kenneth Haney (, HBD Issue #1090, 3/4/93

Well I finally took the plunge and tried an all-grain beer. I am so excited I just had to post it. Everything seemed to go amazingly smooth without any real hic-ups. I think I need to make a bigger lauter-tun, the one I've been using for partial mashes just isn't big enough, the grain comes to the top of the bucket. Anyway here is my first attempt.

I sure hope this batch turns out OK, because it sure was fun and not as hard as I had always thought it would be.



I used a step mash ala THCOHB. Lauter-tun got filled up to the top with grain so there was no way to keep sparge water above the grain bed, still seemed to go smooth. I only have small pots so I had to use 4 of them to hold and boil all of the wort. I also split up the hops between the pots so they all got some. I chilled with my new immersion chiller thanks to a none brewer friend that found a copper coil in his travels and gave it to me. Boy it sure beats the cold bath tub bit. It is now fermenting as we speak.