Cats Meow 3
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Pyle Style Pale Ale

Classification: pale ale, all-grain

Source: Norm Pyle (, HBD #1193, 7/30/93

This is a keeper. It is rare for me to brew a recipe more than once, but this one will happen again. This is only the second in 16 batches that I vow to repeat. Enter it in a contest? Hah! I wouldn't waste 3 bottles of this on Michael Jackson...

Color is pale, about like a Sierra Nevada (the lightest colored brew I've ever brewed).

Hops! Cascades are all over the place, mostly aroma. This is not a bitter beer, but is loaded with aroma. I expect some of this to fade with time, bringing out the malt. At this point, the hops dominate, which I expected.

Very clean tasting, very little esters.



Mash water was 9 qts of 168F water poured into a room temperature 48 qt rectangular cooler mash/lauter tun. Doughed in pale malts only. Mash-in temperature was 150F after stabilizing. Mashed at 145-155 (added 1 qt of 180F water when temp dropped to 145F). Conversion complete in one hour. Crystal was added at mash-out. Dumped 20 qts of 180F water into tun and stirred (mashout and batch sparge in one step). Sparge was very slow, nearly stuck twice, so I back flushed the copper manifold to loosen it up (need to adjust my grainmill!). Start of boil, the volume was around 32 qts. Boiled down to 22 qts. at 1.045. Points of extract = (45pts. * 5.5 gal.) / 9.75 lbs. = 25 pts/lb/gal.

Hopping schedule:
60 min: 0.50 oz MH IBU = 8.3
30 0.50 MH 4.5
0.50 Cp 5.8
10 0.50 Cp 2.5
dry 0.60 Cl 1.0 (leave on for 10 days)
Approximate Total IBU = 22.1 (Balanced beer at 1.045 = 20 IBU)

A note about hopping: I was attempting to get most of my IBUs later in the boil to reduce some back of the tongue bitterness. I wanted this to be a hop flavored beer, rather than just have bitterness to balance the malt. On most beers I try for 50-60% of the bitterness at the 60 minute addition, but as you can see, I did not do that here. I achieved my goal I think (see tasting notes).

Full fermentation in 12 hours, high krauesen in 36 hours. Dry hops were just thrown on top of beer in secondary.