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Celebration IPA

Classification: pale ale, India pale ale, all-grain

Source: John Wyllie COYOTE (, HBD Issue #1320, 1/10/94

Soon it will be time to cask the IPA. I brewed it last monday, and it's been happily/hoppily blebbing away since. I'm hoping I can get it through 2ndary and conditioned before the 22nd to celebrate and inebriate my birthday celebration. Good excuse to kill the entirety in one night! :)

Ingredients: (for 7 gallons)


Burton ale yeast, then bohemian lager. OG: 1.048 for 7 gallons. Fermented primary at 70, 2ndary to 55. I plan to fine the 2ndary, then rack/prime in cask. Low pressure!