Cats Meow 3
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First Ames Brew American Pale Ale

Classification: pale ale, all-grain

Source: Dan A. Morey (, HBD Issue #1423, 5/16/94

It's flavor reminds me of SNPA and has the color of Bass. I hope some of you might be able to get ideas from it.



This was the first beer I brewed when I moved back to Ames, IA hence its name. But enough of that. Crush all grains and add to hot tap water (approximately 2.5 gallons). Let mash set for 15 minutes. Raise temperature to 122 F for protein rest and hold for 35 minutes. Add 3/4 gallon of boiling water to bring mash to 140 F, hold for 30 minutes. Add additional 3/4 gallon of boiling water to bring temperature up to 155 F. Hold at this temperature for 1 hour. Sparge till your hearts content and begin boil. Boil hops for indicated times (I put the hops in boiling bags). After 1 hour, stop boil and chill wort and siphon into primary fermenter. Pitch yeast from starter.