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Beat Me Over the Head with a Stick Bock

Classification: bock, dark lager, partial extract

Source: Michael Zentner ( Issue #644, 5/24/91

Don't worry...give partial mashing a try. Before doing it, my biggest worry was how to keep the temperature constant. During each phase of the mash, I only had to add heat once to keep it within a degree or so.



Bring 3 qt + 2 cups of water to 130 degrees. Add cracked Klages and chocolate malts (temp = 122 degrees). Rest 30 min. Add 7 cups of 200 degrees water to bring temp up to 150 degrees. Rest 30 min. Bring up to 158 degrees with burner. Rest 20 minutes. Mash out at 170 degrees. Sparge with 7 quarts of 170 degrees water, recycling the first runoff. Add malt extract and boil as normal. Chill the wort and pitch. Aerate vigorously with a hollow plastic tube...there's no need to get fancy equipment here. With the hollow tube I can whip up a 3" head of froth on the chilled wort. Bubbling activity is almost always evident within 8-10 hours of pitching a 12-18 oz starter solution. Ferment as you would a lager.