Cats Meow 3
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Classification: pale lager, American lager, Budweiser, all-grain

Source: Chuck, ( Issue #923, 7/15/92

This recipe produces a light---but not thin tasting---North American style lager (steam?). The Tettnanger finishing hops gave a really nice fresh aroma to the beer.



Mash schedule: 30 min - Protein Rest @132F, 90 min - Slowly raise temp to 155F, 15 min - @155F, 15 min - Mash-out @170.

Bring mash liquid to a boil, add bittering hops (no hop bag for this one), boil 1hr. Add finishing hops, boil 5 minutes, steep 10 minutes, pour into primary, cool to 75F, and pitch yeast starter.