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Sierra Nevada Helles Bock

Classification: lager, bock, helles bock, all-grain

Source: Michael D. Galloway (, HBD Issue #1084, 2/24/93

The recipe was supposed to be SNPA. All in all, an interesting adventure and it went much easier than I expected. Maybe Sierra Nevada Helles Bock?



Mashed the pale ale malt and crystal in 13 quarts treated (i.e. boiled) water at 150 F for 1.5 hr in a 10 gal Gott with a Phils Phalse Bottom.

Sparged with 4+ gal acidified (1/8 tsp "acid blend") to pH = 5.5 water at 170 F. Sparged to 6.5 gal. The gravity at 6.5 gal was 1053. This implies:

        (53 pts) X (6.5gal) / 10.5 lbs  =  32.8 pts/lb/gal !

When boiled to 5.5 gal and racked to primary that yields an OG of 62.6. What should I call this stuff? Sierra Nevada Potent Ale?

Anyway, the mash went very well. The temperature drop was only two degrees over the 1.5 hrs (I preheated the Gott). Now sparging, that is another story. I was somewhat overwhelmed by the sparging: I kept drawing off wort and recirculating it but it never seemed to clear the way I expected it. I finally said to hell with it and ran off the initial wort and proceded to sparge with water to 6.5 gal. There was still good sugar in the sparge at this point.