Cats Meow 3
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Classification: lager, pilsner, Pilsner Urquell, all-grain

Source: John Wyllie COYOTE (, HBD Issue #1320, 1/10/94

Pilsner- Urquel!!! Just bottled after a months lagering. And twice dry-hopped with....what else...Saaaaaaaaaaaaz it all! Yuuuuuum. It is light, clean, fairly malty, and slightly sweet, but crisp. And this baby just screams saaaaaaz. But without being bitter. Too bad it's a little late for the bay area brewoff. I think it would fair well. (pat on back....smack lips once more)

Ingredients: (for 8 gallons)


Dry hopped after primary ferment subsided. Then secondary also. .5 oz/ea.

Fermented at 52 deg F for 1 month.