Cats Meow 3
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Snowbound Pils

Classification: lager, pilsner, extract

Source: Michael Sheridan (, HBD Issue #1361, 3/1/94

I recently made a *boosted* copy of Papazian's Propensity Pilsene. (made during one of the many storms of January)



Crystal malt added to 1.5 gal cold water, brought to a boil, grains removed. Extracts and 2.5 oz Saaz added, boiled 35 min. Added Tettnanger, boiled 10 more minutes. Added .5 oz Saaz, boiled 2 minutes. Wort pot chilled in sink and transfered to fermenter with cold water. Carboy topped off to 5 gal. O.G. was 1.042 (may be a bit low, I later discovered that our water is 0.990!) F.G. was 1.010, bottled 34 days after pitching