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Your Father's Mustache

Classification: lager, American lager, pale lager, pilsner, corn, maize, all-grain

Source: Jeff Renner, HBD #1687, 3/23/95

This is a recipe for a Classic American Pilsner style beer from an excellent article on the style that Jeff posted to HBD.



Mash schedule:
Doughed in 8.5 qts. 58C water to get -->
50C protein rest, 30 min., (pH 5.5), then infused w/ 3 qts. boiling water to -->
60C sac. rest for 15 minutes, then boosted w/ burner to -->
70C sac. rest for 40 minutes, then boosted w/ burner to -->
76C mashoff for 10 min.

Lautered in insulated Zapap, collected 7 gal. @ 1.041 for 32.8 p/p/g. Note - Beautifully clear wort with minimum recirculation, easy sparge. This six-row is beautiful to work with.

Boil - 1 hr, beautiful hot break, like egg drop soup

Hopped to 25 IBU target.

Counter current cooled to 64F, 4.75 gallons collected at 1.055, then diluted to 5.5 gallons at 1.048 in 7 gallon carboy, force chilled in snowbank to 50F. Pitched New Ulm yeast from bottom of 3 liter starter. Fermented @ 50F - 52F 12 days, racked, lagered seven weeks @ 33F, kegged, conditioned with 10 psi @ 38F, then dispensed at 42F-44F. The flavor showed best at mid 40sF and when drawn to give a good head and reduced carbonation. (Most beer shows best like this).