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Hurricane Helles

Classification: Munich helles, light lager, German lager, all-grain

Source: Marty Tippin (, HBD Issue #1981, 3/11/96

Here's a nice Munich Helles lager recipe I've been using for the last year or so - makes a very drinkable beer. It's based on a recipe in Miller's Complete Handbook of Home Brewing with adjustments for my extraction efficiency (about 28 pts/lb/gal). When I originally brewed this batch, it was my first ever lager and second ever all-grain batch, and was the best beer I've ever made. Subesquent batches have been very good as well, but you always remember your first... ;-)



Mash schedule: 30 minutes @ 122F, 30 minutes @ 140F, 30-60 minutes @ 155F, 10 minutes @ 165F, sparge 5 gallons @ 168F.

Chill to 48F and pitch yeast. Ferment 2 weeks @ 48F, rack to secondary and let temperature rise to mid 50's for diacetyl rest for 2-3 days. Then back to 32F for lagering 4-6 weeks.