Cats Meow 3
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Classification: lager, American light lager, Shiner clone, all-grain

Source: Dale Smith (, HBD Issue #2154, 8/21/96

I've used this recipe several times with much success. As you probaly know, shiner is a lager. They use lots of Maize in their recipe & not very much hops. Overall, it's decent summer beer. It used to be my beer of choice until I became a beer snob. They have a new beer out, an unfiltered keg conditioned Honey Wheat Wiezen. It's quite nice! Anyway here's the recipe I use. It's a bit hoppier & a little darker than shiner but quite good.



Mash all grains at 155 degrees for an hour boil for an hour adding Centenial a start of boil & Liberty after 50 minutes cool quickly and pitch yeast Since the lager blend is twice as much yeast as normal packs I rarely make a starter with this one Ferment 2 weeks @ 45 degrees rack & ferment for 1 more week @ 40 degrees rack into a keg & prime set for two more weeks @ 35 degrees enjoy!!