Cats Meow 3
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Honey Ginger Lager

Classification: lager, all-grain

Source: Jeff Stampes (, HBD Issue #1659, 2/16/95

I am making my first shot at formulating my own all grain recipes (until now, I have either used other people's, or have slightly modified someone else's). I thought I'd run it by the collective wisdom of the hbd to collect feedback prior to brewing.

What I'm shooting for is a Honey Ginger Lager. I want it to end up a little on the high gravity side, full-bodied, good head retention, and not too hoppy.



I am adding the wheat malt, dextrine and crystal for body and head retention. I was planning a two temp mash (152F & 158F) unless someone can tell me why a protein rest would be needed. I will add two pounds light clover honey to the boil. I will also boil in 4 oz. grated ginger root. I know it sounds like a lot, but I have used it in an extract beer with excellent results. It's sort of toxic for the first 4 months, but after six it becomes a dry, snappy, excellent refreshing beer.