Cats Meow 3
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Wheat Beer

Classification: wheat beer, weizen, extract

Source: Gene Schultz ( Issue #660, 6/17/91

Ridiculously simple, but very nice and light. Most people who don't like wheat beers like this one, and many people think that this is a commercial product, not homebrew! The Telfords extract is probably the major factor in the success of this recipe--done just right. You need to put in some sugar to bring up the level of fermentables, but don't put in too much, or you'll get a cidery taste. Don't follow Telford's instructions, which say that this kit can make five gallons---too watery.

Ingredients: (for 4 gallons)


Bring two gallows of water to a boil, then add extract. Add sugar. Add 1/2 oz. Saaz hops to the boil for 30 minutes. Remove heat. Add 1/4 oz. Saaz hops for aroma. Add cool water to bring wort volume to four gallons. Cool to 75 - 80 degrees. Transfer to primary and pitch yeast.