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Honey Wheat

Classification: wheat beer, honey wheat, extract

Source: John Meredith (, HBD Issue #1930, 1/9/96

Here's my honey-wheat recipe (extract). The yeast I used was cultivated from a Fransiskaner Hefe-Weissbier. I'm unsure if this is a bottling yeast, but the resulting beer has a light body and good head retention. A nice drinkable summer beer (IMHO).In retrospect I'd be inclined to use 1 lb of a stronger honey (Australian blue gum ;-) and 1lb of dry malt extract to give better body.



Boil honey, Weizen extract and dextrose for 15 minutes in 1.5 gal water. Tip into fermenter, and add water to make up 5 gal. Allow to cool and add yeast. Fermentation should be complete in around 3-4 days. Bottle with priming sugar.