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100% Wheat

Classification: wheat beer, weizen, extract

Source: Bob Campbell (, r.c.b., 7/1/96

I've done 2 100% wheat batches, and just brewed two more, with a recipe along the lines of this one.



For one I also added 5.5# frozen raspberries, though that started out almost like raspberry soda, it mellowed well, though a bit tart. I also use honey for priming instead of afterburner corn sugar. Steep the grains in a couple gallons of water over high temp. Strain out just before it starts to boil. Add the Ireks and boil hops (and honey) boil for an hour, add finishing hops last <10 minutes. I also use the Wyeast Barvarian Wheat (don't recall the #). It adds the clove/banana flavor, but not too much, since its a mix of 2 strains. There's a couple other Wyeast wheat strains, that vary in strength of clove/banana flavor, the German (#3333) leaning away from the clove and banana. With the above recipe, and using the Barvarian Wheat, my first batch was compared favorably by a friend to Spaten Hefeweisen, though I was a bit more critical of it ;). Also, if you use the Wyeast, make a starter.