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Anchor Steam-Style Amber

Classification: steam beer, California common, Anchor, extract

Source: Clay Phipps (hplabs!garth!phipps) Issue #444, 6/21/90

This recipe was offered in 1986 by the now-defunct Home Brewer shop in San Jose, California, as the best approximation to Anchor Steam possible with home-brew-scale extract brewing.



Pour 1 gallon water into brewpot. Crush grains and add to brewpot. Bring to boil. Remove grains. Add malt extract. Add 1/3 of the boiling hops. After 20 minutes, add another 1/3 of hops. After another 20 minutes add the last 1/3 of hops. After another 20 minutes, remove from heat and add finishing hops. Cover wort. Pour 3 gallons cold water into fermenter. Strain wort into fermenter along with enough water to make 5-1/2 gallons. Pitch yeast and put in blowoff tube or airlock.