Cats Meow 3
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Clubhouse Smoked Porter

Classification: smoked beer, rauchbier, porter, all-grain

Source: Kevin McBride ( Issue #944, 8/10/92

The smoked porter served at Greg Noonan's Vermont Pub & Brewery inspired me to brew this. I love Greg's version and tried to come up with something similar. The smoke flavor is a little bit more assertive than in Greg's brew, but is not so overpowering as to be unpleasant. The sweetness of the crystal and cara-pils balance the bite of the dark malt so that the beer is pleasantly bittersweet, as a porter should be, and the smoke flavor just floats over your tongue. The finishing hops are barely noticeable. The smoke masks most of the hop flavor.



The smoked grain was done on a charcoal fired smoker with wet hickory chips. Total smoking time was close to 45 minutes. I would have cut the smoking time down, but I wet the grain first and it took that long for it to dry on the smoker. Struck mash at about 120F for protein rest. Pulled a single decoction, brought to a boil, held for about 10 minutes, and re-infused to raise temperature to about 155F which was held in a 5 gallon Igloo cooler until conversion was complete. Sparged with 4--1/2 gallons of 170F water. Yieled about 7 gallons of wort. Total boil time was about 70 minutes. Chill and pitch starter. After 5 days in primary, I racked to a keg and refrigerated.