Cats Meow 3
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Batch #10 Gary's Oregon Steam Beer

Classification: steam beer, California common, Anchor, extract

Source: Gary Arkoff (, r.c.b., 12/2/94

I am please to say that I took third last year in the NHC with this one. :) I have a few suggestions added after the recipe/notes which I think would be improvments.

Med. amber color. Clean sweet taste. Hop very subtle. Quite close to Anchor Steam. Silver award from NHC! Favorite beer yet! Very quaffalbe.

Future changes: I would use cascade for flavor and aroma. Perhaps 1/2 oz for ten minutes and 1/2 oz for finish. That may be a bit much.

I might consider using a light malt extract, possibly upping the chyrstal, maybe not. The judges all said my beer was a little dark.



Starter made 2 days ahead instead of one. Steep grains for 30 minutes. Sparge into kettle. Boil extract and hops for 60 minutes.